RITZVIVA is global star brand owned by "RITZVIVA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.", which supply high quality mobile devices and excellent luxury using experience, RITZVIVA team, relies on the rich experience in mobile communication industry, comes from multi-countries with more than 10years global business experience, with design concept from France.

RITZVIVA focuses on enhancing user experience through innovative devices.


RITZVIVA core team set up the new mobile device brand - RITZVIVA in 2013 H2. Based on the research & development advantages and supply chain resources, with enthusiasm to build RITZVIVA as an well-knownd international brand in mobile device and mobile ecosystem. RITZVIVA announced the launch and availability of a stunning new range of mobile devices in worldwide, and always welcomes you to witness an exciting revolution with us - a innovative brand 'RITZVIVA' which large choice ( Luxury Experience, World's first, intelligent, green & energy-efficient technology)

History of RITZVIVA:


RITZVIVA established a new luxury experience with years experience of TOP10 mobile companies which are biggest mobile communication enterprises with a large export market and a fast-emerging domestic brand presence. RITZVIVA and group partners have strongest assets include a highly advanced research and development centre, modern manufacturing facilities, a comprehensive global marketing network, as well as an efficient logistics and distribution system.

It also recognizes quality as a key to the growth engine of the company, and insists on a consistent quality policy, which lays a solid foundation for the popularity of its products in domestic and overseas markets. Most RITZVIVA products have attained BABT quality certification, as well as those of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TL9000, QC080000 and other international quality standards. Also actively being introduced into the company culture are 6 Sigma processes which will help advance quality standards further.

RITZVIVA and group partners have evolved into a multi-million mobile communications player on the international stage since it was established in 2004 as a joint venture between each other.


In 2013 H2, RITZVIVA official launched as a new luxury experience brand, backed by decades of knowledge and experience transfer from TOP10 Mobile Brand, marked the beginning of a new chapter in RITZVIVA’s history.

Although it has retained the world-famous brands concept for its mobile devices products, RITZVIVA has stamped its own mark on the business. We believe, with an accumulated output exceeding tens of millions, RITZVIVA mobile devices will be recognized by both the industry and users from home and abroad for their advanced technology, modern design, user-friendliness and value for money.

Our corporate mision and values :

Our over-riding vision of becoming one of China’s top suppliers of mobile communications products by 2017 stems from our desire to become a dominating presence in the international mobile devices arena. We believe that steadfast adherence to our corporate values of investing in talent, focusing on the customer and creating value will be key to achieving this end.


Value talents:

The utmost respect and trust for all staff and recognition of their contributions has been part of our corporate philosophy since our inception. With a favorable environment for staff development and a corporate culture fostering professionalism and excellence, we aim to be the employer of choice for top-quality hires dedicated to building their careers in a close-knit community.


Focus on the customer:

Driven by customers’ needs, we are constantly in the pursuit of innovative products and quality improvement to create mobile phones that exceed expectations.


Create value:

From optimizing resource allocation to greater collaboration with foreign partners to sharing best practices, we strive to create greater value in all that we do for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


Our Strategic Partners:


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